How important it is that our children get to hear the Word of God! There is a famine of God's Word in our land. We praise God for parents who recognise the spiritual needs of their children and have a concern to see that they are fed on His Word.

Bethany Hall conduct several meetings for the children of the locality, which are open to all. In general these meetings run September - May. Please enquire for more information. A minibus service is available in some areas.

Sundays     2:30pm -  3.30pm Sunday School
Tuesdays 6:35pm - 7:35pm 6:3:5 Club

Sunday School classes are taught using the material of the Go Teach organization
Other meetings use a variety of material, including material from CEF , BCM and BTNG .

Children's activities at Bethany Hall are regulated by a Child Protection Policy; the organisation is registered with the Central Registered Body in Scotland.
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