"Gospel" means "good news". The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been available for the people of Gourock to listen to for well over a hundred years, being presented week by week in our hall, and elsewhere in our community. Because of the present restrictions, you cannot come to our hall to hear it. However, the Gospel is as relevant and as necessary as ever. During these restrictions, we would encourage you to seek out the truth through trusted web sites - as well as directly from the Bible.

You can watch an 8 minute message of hope from the Gospel of John (on YouTube) here.

One site that we would have no difficulty recommending is the Understanding the Gospel site which has an extensive range of articles to peruse for Christians and non-Christians alike. And one book of the Bible we'd recommend you to read would be the Gospel of John, which was written "that ye might believe . . . and have life" (John 20v31). If you have particular questions or concerns that you would like help with, feel free to email us - or them. Please check our meeting times page for the latest information on our meetings.

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